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Various Artists - Ghouls Delight! A Monster Party Record - 2xCD


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2xCDr Set
Limited to 1000 Copies - LESS THAN 30 COPIES LEFT!
Released October 2007

BOO! "Ghoul's Delight!" is our 4th Release & our 2nd compilation CD! Featuring 30 Detroit Artists performing their own BRAND NEW chilling thrilling Halloween Hits! 100% killer and no filler & VERY LIMITED EDITION!!! Not only did we get legendary artists such as The 3-D Invisibles (Celebrating 25 years!), The Hentchmen (Celebrating 15 years!), Snake Out (nearly 30 years!), Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers to go into lab late one night to create some crypt kickin fun, we've also got fresh blood like Serenity Court, The Muldoons, Eons, The Dewtons and The Dead Bodies amongst a cast of friendly rock 'n' roll fiends to join us on this creepy platter! So call up some zombie pals and have them come over to dance the night away with the ultimate all Hallows Eve collection ever! The One and only "Ghoul's Delight!"
1. "The Midnight Goon Speaks"
2. THE 3-D INVISIBLES - "Go-Go-Ghost"
3. THE BUBBLEGUM HEARTS- "The Ghost Of Vincent Price"
4. SNAKE OUT - "They Come From Their Graves"
5. SWAMP SISTERS- "Leader Of The Wolf Pack"
6. THE MULDOONS - "Building Franky"
7. EONS - "Lost My Bride On Mischief Night"
8. THE DEWTONS - "Trick Or Treat (The Joke Is On You)"
9. TROY GREGORY & THE STEP SISTERS - "Sister Halloween"
10. SERENITY COURT - "Puppet Bones"
11. DIRTYLOVEBITES- "livininsin"
12. PROFESSOR MARVEL - "Land Of Phantoms"
13. THE KOFFIN KATS - "Bad Apple"
14. CHAD ROBERTS - "Jack-O-Lanterns"
15. THE DRINKING PROBLEM - "When The Moon Is Full (I'm Only Half A Man)"
16. SCARLET OAKS - "Old Oak Tree"
1. BEGGARS - "Same Costume As Mine"
3. THE HENTCHMEN - "The Ghost Of John"
4. THE 3-D INVISIBLES - "Gorilla Mummy"
5. MIKE ELGERT - "I Know You're A Thief Now"
6. GHOST CITY - "Sweets For The Sweets"
7. THE DEAD BODIES - "Organ Grinder"
8. FUTURE SELF - "Calm and Murder?"
9. ACTIONBASIC - "Attacked By Monsters"
10. THE EUGENE STROBE - "Monster Candy Dance"
11. THE AMINO ACIDS - "Tor Johnsons Remains"
12. ARAN RUTH - "Fright Night"
13. THE POP PROJECT - "Give Me Corporate Candy Or Give Me Death"
14. BATTLING SIKI - "Vodun Boogie Woogie Music"
15. DUTCH PINK - "Be Afraid (Of The Light)"
16. "The Midnight Goon Speaks Again"
17. THE PIZAZZ - "Zombie Lullaby"