The Dial Tones - Hot Dogs EP - 7"


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7" EP
Limited to 200 Copies
Pressed on Black Vinyl

Critically acclaimed by everyone from The Muldoons and Timmy Vulgar (Clone Defects/Human Eye) to Nikki Corvette and Steve Shaw (The Detroit Cobras/Fondas), The Dial Tones are an upstart group of five rock ‘n’ roll soul brothers from the Detroit area. The Hot Dogs! EP is a lesson in the history of Detroit rock ’n’ roll. With the blues of John Lee Hooker, the fury of The Rationals and the revivalist spirit of The Hentchmen in tow, The Dial Tones have recreated the sounds of yesterday for tomorrow. Against the term “retro,” the band has focused on making sounds that subtly make reference to their brothers and sisters in arms and not plagiarizing them.

Side A
1. Lost Love
2. Numb
3. Ghetto Bird

Side B
4. All I Wanna Do
5. She's An Alien
6. Melt In Your Mouth