Slasher Dave's Tomb of Horror - LP + Download Code


LP + Digital Download Code
Limited to 300 Copies
Pressed On Classic Black Vinyl
Originally released October 2014
Reissued October 2017

Creeping out of the rotting crypts, Slasher Dave returns with yet another album of unrelenting horror soundtrack lunacy. Emerging from the murky depths of the John Carpenter inspired debut album Spookhouse, a brand new chapter of terror takes form. This time, drawing influence from Fabio Frizzi and Italian movie soundtracks, in the festering spirit of Dr. Butcher M.D., Cannibal Ferox, and Fulci classicks like Zombie and The Beyond. Elements of Goblin can also be discerned shrieking from the decrepit caskets of the rotting dead. Filled with even more frenzied synthesizer pandemonium, and introducing instruments like the Mellotron and 12 string guitar, this album manifests a much darker side of Slasher Dave's music.

Side One
1. Half Past Midnight
2. Burial Ground
3. Evil Presence
4. Graves
5. Chamber of Chills
6. Eerie Happenings

Side Two
7. Unearthing The Hideous
8. Beyond Madness (Far Past Fright)
9. Gruesome Discovery
10. Nightmare
11. Moldy Coffins
12. The Dead Walk
13. Crypt Shocker