Slasher Dave - The Jack-O-Lantern Murders - LP *PRE-ORDER*

$25.00 - $40.00

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Limited to 300 Copies Pressed
- 150 Translucent Green Vinyl
- 150 Translucent Purple Vinyl
- 5 Signed Black Vinyl White Label Test Pressings

*This is a PRE-ORDER item. It is expected to ship Spring (April/May) 2022. Could be sooner, could be later due to the current unexpected nature of vinyl manufacturing during this pandemic. Either way, we will ship 'em to you as soon as we have 'em! ❤️

Released digitally on October 1st 2021! This Slasher Dave's 6th Full Length LP!

Side One
1. He's Still Out There
2. The Jack-O-Lantern Murders Theme (Feat. Matt War)
3. Return To The Spookhouse
4. Halloween Music (Porch Vermin)
5. It's Getting Dark In Hazel Park
6. Malicious
7. A Crack In The Blinds Part 2
8. Smoke Break (Intermission)

Side Two
9. Hooded Fear
10. Stealing Candy (The BMX Goons)
11. Where Am I?
12. Neighborhood Watch
13. Fading Jack-O-Lanterns
14. The Evil Within
15. The Survivor (End Credits)