Slasher Dave - The Horrors Of Hellhouse - LP

$25.00 - $35.00

Releases Decemeber 4th, 2020
Limited to 300 Copies Pressed:
150 Orange Vinyl
150 Yellow Vinyl
5 White Label Test Pressings

Limited Edition Deed to Hellhouse
Digital Download Code (Inside LP)

All Pre-Order Copies come will be signed by Slasher Dave & include a Limited Edition Matchbook.

FIRST TIME ON VINYL! Slasher Dave's The Horrors of Hellhouse 5 track EP and a selection of his 2019 Halloween & 2020 Digital singles have been compiled together on one vinyl LP for the 2020 Halloween Season!

Side A:
1) Detroit 1984 (The Night Before)
2) Dance On Fire
3) Baptized In Fog
4) Devil Mask
5) Hellhouse

Side B:
6) The Creaking Door
7) A Pumpkin's Tale
8) No Return
9) Black Magic