Slasher Dave's Neighborhood Watch Safety Kit ***PRE-ORDER***


  • Image of Slasher Dave's Neighborhood Watch Safety Kit ***PRE-ORDER***

There’s a killer on the loose! Help stop this madman’s bloody rampage this Halloween with the Limited Edition 'Neighborhood Watch' Safety Kit!

Kit includes
(1) Official Lanyard, (1) Official Solar Powered LED Flashlight / Safety Whistle, (1) Official 3 Inch Badge, (1) Official Sticker & (1) Official Window Cling. Available for a limited time only!

Order this kit within the pre-order window, and people in the USA will have theirs BY HALLOWEEN, and can participate in the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CONTEST. Which will involve using any of the items provided to you in the Kit. Coolest video/photos win. More details and contest instructions will be provided to you when they start shipping. So order yours NOW!