Slasher Dave - Night Of The Jack-O-Lantern - LP *PRE-ORDER*

$25.00 - $40.00

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Limited to 300 Copies Pressed
- 150 Translucent Orange Vinyl
- 150 Translucent Blue Vinyl
- 5 Signed Black Vinyl White Label Test Pressings

*This is a PRE-ORDER item. It is expected to ship Spring (April/May) 2022. Could be sooner, could be later due to the current unexpected nature of vinyl manufacturing during this pandemic. Either way, we will ship 'em as soon as we have 'em! ❤️

Originally Released Digitally October 2020

Side One
1. Madison Heights Mutilator
2. Just Some Kids Tripping
3. A Crack In The Blinds
4. He's Watching You

Side Two
5. Night Of The Jack-O-Lantern
6. Streetlight Stalker
7. Purely and Simply Evil
8. The Pentagram Murders