Slasher Dave - Night Of The Jack-O-Lantern - LP *PRE-ORDER*

$25.00 - $40.00

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Limited to 300 Copies Pressed
- 150 Translucent Orange Vinyl
- 150 Translucent Blue Vinyl
- 5 Signed Black Vinyl White Label Test Pressings

*This is a PRE-ORDER item. It is expected to ship March 2022. Could be sooner, could be later due to the current unexpected nature of vinyl manufacturing during this pandemic. Either way, we will ship 'em as soon as we have 'em! ❤️

Originally Released Digitally October 2020

Side One
1. Madison Heights Mutilator
2. Just Some Kids Tripping
3. A Crack In The Blinds
4. He's Watching You

Side Two
5. Night Of The Jack-O-Lantern
6. Streetlight Stalker
7. Purely and Simply Evil
8. The Pentagram Murders