Slasher Dave's Exorcisms - Compact Disc


Compact Disc
Limited To 300 Copies in ECO Wallet
Released February 26, 2016

First there was Spookhouse. Then there was Tomb of Horror. And now, an all new chapter in audio terror. Genre veteran Slasher Dave presents his third solo album, Exorcisms. Drawing inspiration from 1970's supernatural horror. This album takes you back to the glory days of horror movie soundtracks. Using more traditional instruments, and shedding his signature 80's synth sound, he explores a much deeper side of what music scared you in 1970s horror. From the elegant singing in Rosamary's Baby, to the jolting scores of The Exorcist and The Omen, Exorcisms draws its influence, and creates something original and terrifying out of it. Sick and tired of Synthwave bands popping up everyday trying to pass themselves off as soundtrack music, Slasher Dave has gone the opposite route. Real vocals, vintage instruments, and a true passion for 70s horror soundtracks is what sets this album apart from others.

1) Exorcisms
2) Insomnia
3) Day Dreams
4) A Trance Like State
5) Strange Behavior
6) Devil's Possession
7) The Window
8) Crucifix
9) Deliver Us From Evil
10) Heed Our Prayers
11) The Rites Of Exorcism
12) Levitation
13) Forevers Lullaby