Pewter Cub - If You Can Hold Your Breath - LP + Download Code


LP + Download Code
Limited to 300 Copies w/Silk Screened Jacket
Pressed On Black Vinyl
Released February 2013

Our 33rd release is the 2nd full length release from Pewter Cub and is not one to be overlooked! From Regan Lorie's beautiful vocals, poignant lyrics & groovy basslines to Scott Sanford's ethereal yet hook- laden guitars to Dave Jenning's space walking drum beats, "If You Can Hold Your Breath" is 9 well crafted songs from the heart, soul and spiritual beyond of Pewter Cub.

Stylistically, their music bridges the gap between such genres as spacey psychedelia, shoegaze, dark pop and even a little soul. That's not to say it's all over the place, only that the songs are actually a well blended collaborative effort from its creators own originality and artistic influences. Stand out cuts are "King Baby", "The Shape", "If You Can Hold Your Breath" & "Black Music".

The album includes an Digital Download Code of the entire LP and comes in a beautiful Silk Screened LP Jacket.

Side One
1. Side Effects Include...
2. King Baby
3. The Shape
4. Next
5. If You Can Hold Your Breath

Side Two
6. Sho Kosugi Jailbreak
7. Silent Movie
8. Not Mine
10. Black Music