Nice Hooves - Nice Hooves - LP + CD + Download Code


LP + CD + Digital Download Code
Limited to 500 Copies
Pressed on Black Vinyl
Released June 2013

Nice Hooves is a group of five people from Detroit who make heavy music.

Four members come from Detroit hardcore punk mainstay, The Armed. Aaron Jones, Randall Kupfer, Kenny Szymanski and Tony Wolski throw guitars, bass, drums and occasionally themselves directly at the crowd. All the while Dave Graw – formerly of Detroit’s Bang Bang! – sings, screams and often rants.

Coming together organically after Graw provided vocals on a track for The Armed's 2011 Young & Beautiful EP, they quickly amassed more songs than expected. Before playing a single show and after only a few months of existence, the band recorded an LP worth of material in 2012 with Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire, Doomriders) at Godcity Studio in Salem, MA. Upon their return, Nice Hooves wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of Detroit's most volatile live acts.

June of 2013 will finally see the release of the Hooves' anticipated self-titled debut album – an exercise in getting pissed at the things all of us should get pissed at.

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Side One
1. The Hand of Man
2. Heavy Seas
3. Roots
4. Play Jazz
5. White Knuckle
6. Right to Be Paranoid

Side Two
7. War Paint Is Not A Mask
8. Priority Adjustment
9. Ernest
10. Same Song
11. New Body
12. Stillness More Than Action