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LP + Download Code
Limited to 300 Copies w/Limited Edition Playbill Lyric Book
Pressed On Black Vinyl
Released March 2013

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen. Our story tonight is a lurid tale of lust & love, that could only end in one heated act of passion...a Murder. GASP!!!! Murder??? Who done it? The Maid? The Butler? Joel "Jelly Roll" McCune? Well...we're are not going to tell you but the story line to Bellyache Records 35th release, DUENDE! PRESENTS "MURDER DOESN'T HIDE THE TRUTH", but we'll just say that theories are "open to interpretation". Also open to interpretation, is the almost undebatable topic of what exactly is Duende's style?

If you have ever heard any of Duende's previous releases or have see their live shows, then you know that it is nearly impossbile to pin point their exact "sound" or style. But with influences that range from Woody Guthrie to Tom Waits to Jon Spencer to The Cramps, Duende has always perfected a balance of Rootsy Rockin Folk, Psychedelia & Primal Hard Stompin Rock to create their very own self proclaimed style of 'Sonic Americana'.

Sonic indeed! That combination is quite evident here on their 4th full length release, "Murder Doesn't Hide the Truth"! From the driving opener "Do What I Want" to the trippy "Burn This Town" and slipping into the loneliness of "Bleed" and over onto the 'on the road again feel' of "Hard Travelin" down to the hauntingly beautiful title track, "Murder Doesn't Hide The Truth". The entire LP runs the gambit of vibes and sounds truly owning the description of Sonic Americana!

Side One
1. Do What I Want
2. Finders Weep
3. Drinking With The Sad
4. This Land
5. Burn this Town

Side Two
6. Fire Fly, My Eye
7. Bag Of Avocados
8. Bleed
9. Hard Travelin'
10. Murder Doesn't Hide The Truth